Using Apps to Get You Moving & Motivated

Written by: Mary Rosenthol, CFW Health and Fitness Professional

Motivation app cover image

Midweek and it’s raining again. The kids are trying to do online classes. I have been at my desk for a couple of hours and my back is beginning to hurt.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Life is nothing like it was compared to just a few weeks ago. I am struggling to find motivation and steps as I move through my days. How do I cope and find motivation with the daily exercise conundrum?

Seeking motivation, I browsed my mobile app store for different options for exercise tracking and discovered one of the most celebrated exercise apps is called Today habit tracker app (free and available for Android and Apple). The app encourages you to stay on track by allowing the user to build “streak calendars” or daily workouts to check off. Users are not locked in to specific workouts and can track any type of exercise. I can choose a Corporate Fitness Works Signature Session workout to complete my fitness goal, or on a nice day, I can go for a run.

In addition to fitness goals, Today allows you to set sleep schedules, block out work time, or even calculate how many glasses of water to drink each day. The app features give me the ability to create healthy habits by tracking my daily progress and reinforces the behavior until it becomes my daily routine.

To discourage being bogged down in the daily grind, I find it best to work for an hour or two and then add some fitness. Creating and maintaining a daily schedule allows me to set aside time for work, play, workout and do any household chores. The Today app helps me stay accountable to my goals.

Even on warm, sunny days, I sometimes find my motivation lacking. With a bit more research on the app store, I found an app which helps me earn money for charities with each step that I take! The money raised either comes from corporate sponsors or you can ask friends to help by donating to a cause. Charity Miles allows users to raise money for over 40 charities including the ASPCA and Habitat for Humanity. I can dance, bike, lift or yoga my way to raising money for a charity I select.

With every mile, knowing I am contributing to help others provides a great incentive for me to exercise. Even my Corporate Fitness Works Signature Session workouts can be applied to my Charity Miles earnings. How awesome that I can better myself and the community at the same time!

Technology goes a long way in helping me stick to my fitness goals and set new habits for 2020. If you like to source inspirational content from social media, be sure you check our CFW’s Social Sites. Our team is committed to posting positive, uplifting content such as Motivation Monday quotes, new workout routines to try, healthy recipes and opportunity to connect socially with fun campaigns like, Play Your Way. With the help of a few good apps, finding motivation in seclusion is just a click away!