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Why does Movement Matter?

Written by: Morgan Shawler, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager The word movement can be used in many different ways; whether you are making a change or doing something physical, it’s a movement! Today’s focus is on how physical movement matters. While there are many physically demanding jobs, the modern American with an office job sits…

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The True Meaning of “Fitness”

Written by: Syreeta McDonald, CFW Health & Fitness Professional The definition of fitness can be interpreted in a variety of ways and the meaning can vary from person to person. One definition is the state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition[1].In the fitness profession,…

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Using Apps to Get You Moving & Motivated

Written by: Mary Rosenthol, CFW Health and Fitness Professional Midweek and it’s raining again. The kids are trying to do online classes. I have been at my desk for a couple of hours and my back is beginning to hurt. Does this scenario sound familiar? Life is nothing like it was compared to just a…

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