HDLs, Heart Rate, and Blood Pressure…OH MY!

Written by: Morgan Shawler, CFW Health Fitness Specialist Imagine, you are looking at your health checkup report and the readings say: 124/79 mmHg, 58 mg/dL, 72 bpm and the list goes on. You are thinking to yourself, “Are these good or are these bad? What does mmHg even mean? What are HDLs?” To answer the…

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CFW Fit Fest 2021

You’re Invited! Join us for this Virtual Event that Builds Healthy Habits and Connections in a Hybrid Workforce Over the last 18 months, many have struggled to stay healthy and active in the ‘work from home’ environment.  Opportunities to connect with others safely, while maintaining self-accountability for movement, nutrition, and stress reduction have been…

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Meaningful Gifts to Yourself: Take Care of Yourself

Written by: Alexander Halsey, CFW Health Fitness Specialist The abstractness and manifestation of balance goes well beyond how well you can stand on one leg!  How we balance life is of equal reverence. The way we spend each day can be simplified in two ways, how we serve others and how we serve ourselves. No…

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Stock Your Pantry the Smart Way

Infographic from CFW Fitness Professional, Becky McGraw At a time of social distancing, many of us are limiting trips out of the house, cooking and eating more at home. Check out this list of essential food items so you can stock your pantry with healthy ingredients.  All of these items have a long shelf-life and…

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