F is for Fitness and Fun!

Written by: Katie Flynn, Health Fitness Specialist

Young couple on tennis court. Handsome man and attractive woman are playing tennis.

Are you someone who dreads working out? Cannot seem to find any fun ways to stay active?  Exercise does not always have to mean running on a treadmill or picking up weights. For me, my exercise outlet is the gym, but I also really enjoy playing competitive volleyball. Whether its indoors or outdoors, in the grass or sand, volleyball is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress and forget about reality for a while. I also really enjoy the social aspect of playing as I have made new friends and enjoy around people who enjoy the sport that I love!


The important thing to figure out is how you like to stay active. Would you prefer to do it alone? With a group of other people? Do you like the workouts to be fast or slow-paced? These are all questions to ask yourself to figure out what type of physical activity suits you best that allows you to have fun with it! Here are a few things you can do to stay active while having fun depending on your interests:


Take a nice walk through a trail. Enjoying the fresh air can be a solo activity or done with a friend if that sounds better to you. Plus, it is a very cost-effective activity as it’s free! Grab your sneakers and head outside!

Group exercise classes with friends or family

Participate in a group exercise class in person or virtually through our CFW Fit Streaming classes. We also offer a variety of on-demand content you can stream anytime!

Recreational adult sport leagues

Have a favorite sport you played in high school or college? Look for a recreational adult sport league near you! It is also a great way to meet people and stay active.

Partner workouts

Find a friend and head to the gym. Create your own workout you can do together outdoors, or follow an instructional video together!

This month our content writers are bringing you information on ways to foster fun into your fitness routine.

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