The CFW Solution

It's more than fitness - it's programming with a purpose and the
working person in mind!

The CFW Solution is our proprietary approach to help employees overcome the unique physical challenges brought on by corporate life, like sitting too much, stress, poor diet,
and social isolation.


The 4 Elements of the CFW Solution

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Recharge element 300x300


Nutrition element 300x300.2


Connection element 300x300


Let's put the CFW Solution to work for you!

We work with you to understand the unique factors affecting the health of your workforce and then create a blend of in-person and virtual touch points, including daily interactions, common themed events, and CFW Signature Sessions.

Through the CFW Solution, we help your employees move more, eat well, reduce stress, and make meaningful connections so that they may thrive in their work and in their lives. Contact us to learn more!

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