Meet the CFW Advisory Board

The CFW Advisory Board consists of highly respected industry experts and influential leaders who bring valuable insight, validation, and credibility to Corporate Fitness Works' innovative fitness solutions tailored to the specific needs of working populations.

CFW Advisory Board Members:

Cedric Bryant Headshot_square.2

Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, FACSM

President and Chief Science Officer of the American Council on Exercise

Expert advisor in the domains of strategic development and delivery of exercise science and behavior change education for population health improvement.

Andie_Rowe, HR, staff

Andie Rowe

Director of Employee Wellness and Work-Life at American University

Expert advisor in the domains of organizational health, employee benefits, and integration of wellness and work/life programs.

Tyler Amell Headshot added background color

Dr. Tyler Amell, PhD, MSc, BSc

Chief Health and Strategy Officer at MediKeeper

Expert advisor in the domains of workplace health and productivity, health and wellbeing technology, data analytics, occupational epidemiology, chronic disease, absence, disability, and leave management.

Collier Case_square

Collier Case

President and CEO of the Mid-America Coalition on Health Care

Expert advisor in the domains of addressing workplace health issues, health care costs, benefit design, and service partner collaboration.


Timothy Hart, PhD

Associate Professor of Applied Statistics at the University of Tampa

Expert advisor in the domains of survey research, applied statistics, geographic information systems (GIS), and health analytics.

With Purpose and Passion:

At CFW, we are committed to providing companies with cutting edge fitness solutions that have the capability to engage all employees and foster connected work cultures where health and productivity thrive.

Empowered and impassioned by this mission, our CFW Team Leaders continuously evaluate and refine our strategies and approaches to ensure we’re delivering unparalleled solutions for our clients. As an extension of our internal expertise in corporate fitness, our esteemed CFW Advisory Board contributes their unique knowledge and expertise in domains such as:

  • Exercise Science
  • Behavior Change
  • Health Data & Technology
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Health
  • Workplace Productivity
  • HR & Employee Benefits
  • Work-Life Balance Programs
  • Scientific Survey Research
  • Applied Statistics
  • Health Analytics

Put our Expertise to Work for You!

Our CFW Team is ready to help you develop a custom fitness solution with engagement strategies that meets the health and fitness needs of your working population. Connect with us today to learn more.

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