Virtual Fitness Solutions

Virtual fitness solutions that reach and engage all employees, wherever they live and work!

Remote workforce is on the rise, and so is the demand for virtual corporate health and fitness. Our virtual fitness solutions engage employees through digital and mobile technologies driven by human connection. Through our platforms, employees gain instant access to on-demand workouts, livestream classes, virtual personal training, health coaching, equipment resources, and motivating health challenges.

Connection is key!

Our virtual service capabilities are built from 33 years experience in managing onsite corporate fitness programs. We know that human interactions and personal relationships are key to reaching and inspiring working populations in healthy behaviors. We deliver a human focused approach that uses technology. Virtual services include:

Virtual Fitness Team
Video Fitness Coaching
Virtual Personal Training
Educational Webinars
Online Health Challenges
On-Demand Workout Videos
Live Stream Group Classes
Social Media Campaigns
Engagement Reporting

Our Virtual Fitness Solutions are organized into two service packages with the option to fully customize the platform per the needs and goals of your organization.

Package 1

Self Guided
  • Employees participate at their own pace with access to on-demand content, livestream classes, and virtual personal training. This package fits seamlessly with your employee health and fitness benefits and can work with or without an already established coaching platform.
  • On-Demand Content
  • Livestream Classes
  • Education Webinars
  • Secure App for Mobile/TV/Desktop
  • Engagement Reporting
  • *Interactive Personal Training

Package 2

Guided Engagement
  • Employees receive personalize coaching guidance on learning paths customized to their goals and needs. This package includes access to all features of the CFW Virtual platform with flexibility to tailor certain aspects of programming and engagement.
  • On-Demand Content
  • Livestream Classes
  • Education Webinars
  • Secure App for Mobile/TV/Desktop
  • Engagement Reporting
  • *Interactive Personal Training
  • Virtual Fitness Coaching
  • Video Fitness Orientation
  • Custom Learning Paths
  • Online Health Challenges
  • Social Community Support
  • Goal Support Program (email, text, live chat)

*Interactive Personal Training is available for participants who desire a personal trainer to accompany them during their workouts. Our mobile application allows individuals to securely purchase and schedule sessions, chat with their trainer, and receive workout guidance - all virtually!

Focused on the Human Connection!

A trademark of all CFW virtual solutions is our focus on the human connection. At the other end of every email, video chat, or webinar connection is a live CFW fitness professional. Your dedicated Virtual Fitness Team is there to provide:

  • Live chat office hours
  • New participant online fitness orientation
  • Ongoing video coaching
  • Interactive personal training
  • Health challenge promotion and implementation
  • Presentation of live webinars
  • Instruction of live classes
  • Phone, email, and social media support
Girl watching screen with Syreeta side plank

CFW Virtual Solutions in Action

CFW Fit Streaming provides a library of on-demand videos and live classes featuring CFW Fitness Professionals leading workouts, healthy cooking demonstrations, and activities that build strong connections.

CFW education webinars build awareness and inspire healthy behavior change. We cover wide range of topics that align with elements of our CFW Solution: Movement, Recharge, Nutrition, & Connection.

View a sample CFW virtual health challenge here. With regular touch points on social and email platforms - these programs encourage action, reinforce healthy habits, and strengthen camaraderie among remote workforce.

"What we are getting out of our CFW Virtual Fitness staff is nothing short of extraordinary, and essential to so many people in our organization. As social distancing and work from home measures have threatened to isolate us, the CFW staff have fought even harder to maintain a sense of community and partnership in the family that they have built through the health and wellness center over the last decade."

CFW Client Liaison, Transportation Industry

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Take the next step!

Let's carve out the virtual fitness solution that is right for your workforce. Contact us today to explore all the possibilities of enhancing employee health and fitness through CFW's innovative virtual platforms.