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CFW Fit Streaming is our premier desktop and mobile application that hosts our extensive on-demand and livestream content. Available for individual subscribers, or to companies as part of a virtual service package, CFW Fit Streaming helps you move more, eat well, reduce stress, and make meaningful connections so you can thrive in work and in life.

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From challenging cardio and strength workouts, to mind-body, family fitness, healthy cooking, even fun holiday theme classes... the CFW Fit Streaming platform features something for everyone.

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Company / Organization

Group Of Happy Young Businesspeople Doing Stretching Exercise In Office

Ideal for companies wanting to offer equitable fitness benefits that can reach all employees wherever they work. 

  • Accessible to onsite, remote, or traveling workforce
  • Content designed for busy, working professionals
  • Affordable PEPM pricing to stay within budget
  • Tailored launch communications with opt-in
  • Platform customization options available

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Individual Subscriber

Online home fitness. Woman with laptop training to web video tutorial. Personal trainer giving yoga class via internet

At home or in the office, no matter where you work it's hard to make time for exercise. Let's solve that! 

  • Access from desktop, mobile, and TV streaming apps
  • Affordable alternative to a gym at just $14.99/mo
  • Extensive library of on-demand workouts and growing
  • Guidance from highly-educated experienced instructors
  • Daily livestream classes for live group interaction

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Client Participant Testimonials

Thank you all again for your dedication, hard work, and positive energy. I think it has also generated an unexpected sense of community with other members who have stuck with the program online throughout this past year.  As a longtime member, I really appreciated all you have done for me and us, and hope you keep up the good work and continue to be safe and healthy!”

Alex, Federal Attorney at Government Agency

“I’ve enjoyed the variety of classes to challenge me, feel more energized, and exercise has become a habit.  When I don’t exercise, I feel like I’m missing something.  An added bonus is that I’ve dropped some weight and inches.  Wanted to get prepared for the time when we will be able to race in person, Corporate Fitness Works instructors, have helped me to get moving again.  Hope other city staff take advantage of the benefit. Looking forward to more sessions!”

Susan, Community Services Director at Municipality Client

“So awesome, you are truly the best. Regular exercise is the gift I've given myself despite a hectic pandemic workload and being able to connect with my exercise buddies and access the great classes designed by CFW has gotten me through the pandemic.”

 Mary Beth, Department of Energy Employee