Hybrid Workforce

Retain Your Valuable Workforce: How Corporate Fitness Programs Combat Employee Turnover

As the workforce navigates an ever-shifting professional landscape, a prevailing challenge looms large: employee turnover. In the quest to retain top talent, corporations are uncovering a strong ally – comprehensive corporate fitness programs. Beyond the stark statistics that illuminate shifting job preferences, these innovative solutions possess the transformative power to reshape workplaces, enhance employee experiences,…

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7 Benefits of Corporate Fitness Programs: A Win-Win for Employees and Employers

A professionally managed and integrated employee health and fitness program is a competitive advantage.  Here’s why! In the fast-paced world of modern business, where demands are high and stress levels can soar, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of investing in their employees’ well-being. One effective way they’re doing this is through corporate fitness programs.…

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Tricia’s Testimony- Building a Career in Corporate Fitness

Meet Tricia, a valued CFW Health Coach at a site using our Integrated Fitness Solutions. She shares a story that many CFW Team Leaders know well, one of growth, support, and ultimately thriving in the perfect position. Read on to be inspired! CFW has given me the opportunity to live out one of my life’s…

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Joseph’s Journey – A CFW Participant Success Story

Meet Joseph! He works for a CFW client in the financial sector and participates in our Integrated Fitness Services there. He has struggled with healthy weight and fitness for many years. He wrote to us to share this very personal journey to overcome his struggles and find better health and happiness. On his path, he…

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Finding the Yin & the Yang of a Hybrid Life

Written by: Mitch Beck, CFW Health Fitness Specialist Yin & Yang, the visual definition of balance. With Covid throwing the world off balance and most of us now working from home, we have found ourselves in a sometimes rewarding yet hectic hybrid life circus. Sometimes you get the kids ready with no problem and make…

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Creating a Healthy Hybrid Workforce

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, every organization was trying to figure out how to implement a remote working environment. Businesses from global enterprises to regional organizations worked through the challenges of defining remote work for their organization, and which employees had jobs that required working in the office. As organizations…

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