Tricia’s Testimony- Building a Career in Corporate Fitness

tricia wagner lau

Meet Tricia, a valued CFW Health Coach at a site using our Integrated Fitness Solutions. She shares a story that many CFW Team Leaders know well, one of growth, support, and ultimately thriving in the perfect position. Read on to be inspired!

CFW has given me the opportunity to live out one of my life’s purposes: to be a cheerleader for all. Growing up, I was a cheerleader throughout elementary, middle, and high school. It always gave me so much joy to see the potential in others and cheer them on as they excel along the way. It made sense that I wanted to be a Health Coach. After all, cheering others on is my specialty. When I obtained my Health Coach certification, I immediately started searching for jobs but quickly found out how hard it was to land a Health Coaching position. I saw an opening for a full-time Health Fitness Specialist with Corporate Fitness Works and my intuition told me to apply. No, it wasn’t a health coaching position, but I figured it could lead me to something similar if I kept an open mind. I interviewed for the position and was immediately called an hour later. I never picked up the phone because fear held me back. I was scared to leave my comfort zone and it wasn’t until a week later that I called them back. I found out the fulltime position was no longer available. The manager told me to check back in about month and that’s exactly what I did. I knew this wasn’t the end of my journey with CFW. Just because a door closes doesn’t mean you can’t use the knob to open it back up.

One month later I saw an opening for the full-time Health Fitness Specialist position and immediately applied again. I had never heard of second times the charm, but I figured I would take a shot. Low and behold I got another interview! A second chance! When I received the phone call with a job offer from CFW, I accepted without hesitation or fear. I knew this opportunity was going to take me to a better place, and it did. It was during my first month with CFW that I learned they had Health Coaches. I was thrilled by the possible opportunities within the company. After 3 months of working for CFW, a Health Coach position opened. I knew 100% this position was for me. I knew everything I went through was to take me here. I spoke my intentions with my manager and with her blessing I applied right after. Again, I did more interviews but this time with a mindset that is position is mine. I believed it so much that I even the ones who interviewed me must have believed it because I got the position! After only 3 months, I got the promotion for Health Coach.

CFW and its leaders recognize hard-work, passion, and dedication because these are the values they embody themselves. Everyone wants recognition for their hard-work and CFW does not shy away from that. They are committed to the development of their employees through trainings and webinars, advancement of employees by promoting within the company, and provide excellent support through an open communication style. I get to help people every day improve their lives through one-on-one coaching, health and fitness programs, creating challenges for members and so much more! My knowledge and skillset have expanded wider than I ever thought possible and I’m so grateful I get to continue to learn, grow, and evolve with CFW.

Tricia has had an immense positive impact since starting with CFW, and continues to empower her members to live their healthiest lives as she excels in her role as Health Coach. One of Tricia's members wrote to us to share his success story and express his appreciation. Read Joseph's Journey to better understand the value of a great Health Coach like Tricia!