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What Makes us Happy?

Written by: Jennifer Sabol, Assistant Health Fitness Program Manager Throughout our lives we’re constantly bombarded with ideas and ways to “improve” our health. Quick fixes or the value of success is preached to us as a way find happiness. But researchers have found that the true value lies in those we surround ourselves with. A…

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Finding the Yin & the Yang of a Hybrid Life

Written by: Mitch Beck, CFW Health Fitness Specialist Yin & Yang, the visual definition of balance. With Covid throwing the world off balance and most of us now working from home, we have found ourselves in a sometimes rewarding yet hectic hybrid life circus. Sometimes you get the kids ready with no problem and make…

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Navigating Fitness in a Pandemic

By: Brittany Halpin, Health Fitness Specialist When the COVID-19 pandemic initially shut down the U.S. via mandatory stay-at-home orders in March 2020, most of us wouldn’t have imagined it would still be presently affecting our daily lives come January 2021. With fitness center closures and mandatory face coverings at all times in public, maintaining a…

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Virtual Necessity: Preparing for the Future in Fitness

Part six of CFW’s Great Corporate Fitness Reboot blog series. Written by: Elisa Denning, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications As recently reported by all major media outlets, COVID cases are surging across the nation. For many businesses and organizations, this is creating hesitation for reopening. Even though global data and research studies show transmission…

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Training & Supporting Fitness Staff During COVID

Part five of CFWs ‘The Great Corporate Fitness Reboot’ blog series. Written by: Elisa Denning, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications Throughout our reopening blog series, we have shared a great deal of insight on how to prepare your facility, equipment, operations, and how to welcome back members in these times of COVID. But what…

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Fruits & Veggies: Fuel for Healthy Living

Written by: Olivia Ventra, CFW Health Fitness Specialist As the weather heats up and stay at home orders are gradually lifted, we can begin to take advantage of all the summer months have to offer. This includes enjoying the tasty benefits of fresh fruits and veggies! Reopening plans permitting, local farmers’ markets and fresh fruit…

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