Integrated Fitness Solutions for Hybrid Versatility

Our integrated onsite and virtual solutions are ideal for the hybrid workforce providing an equitable benefit for all employees. 

Organizations striving to keep a firm grip on their company culture and improve the health of their employees need a portable fitness and wellness solution to support these endeavors. Our integrated on-site fitness center management and virtual fitness solutions are designed to improve company culture by connecting a workforce who may be more physically separated than ever before.

Integrated. Coordinated. Focused on Working Populations.

CFW recognizes that each corporation is unique in the health challenges affecting its population, leading to specific chronic conditions, which have financial implications for the organization. We customize our integrated solutions to address those unique needs with the aim to help your population in four key areas:

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The CFW Member Experience Onsite & Online

As many as 80% of your employee population finds fitness intimidating or challenging.

We pride ourselves on offering quality services and programs that will engage and excite all participants, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey or where they may be working on any given dayAs a diverse supplier focused on inclusion, we ensure that each of our managed sites includes a myriad of opportunities to support individuals ranging from the new exerciser to the expert, from the employee at the office, at home, or on travel. 



Our programs, challenges, and content are designed for all fitness levels and interests.

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We remove barriers to accessibility, providing convenience, comfort, and confidence.



Our goal is to build strong, lasting connections through a human-first, human-focused approach.

Joseph's Journey

The live changing impact our Team Leaders, Instructors, and Coaches have on our members and participants inspires us daily. When Joseph sent us his story from working with CFW Coach, Tricia through the integrated program we managed for his employer, we were too moved not to share it.

An Equitable Benefit Built for the Corporate Market

Employees are returning to the workplace, with over 54% back in the office as of September 2022. Even so, the in-office work attendance is still only about half of what it was in 2019, pre-pandemic. With employees and employers recognizing benefits liked improved work-life balance and less burnout, it seems that hybrid is here to stay.

In this hybrid setting, your corporate well-being initiatives have to reach farther and engage on a more personalized level. As health and fitness experts focused on the needs of working populations, our integrated service model fills this need for employers and provides equitable benefits that keep employees happy, healthy, and engaged.

Solutions You Can Trust

  • Customizable Web Platforms
  • Mobile App Interface
  • Secure ISO Certified
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • GDPR, US & EU Privacy

Flexible Integration

  • Full/Part-Staffed Fitness Facility
  • Fitness Suites with Virtual
  • Company Well-being Strategy
  • HR/Benefits Initiatives

Focused on Employee Needs

  • Interactive Programs
  • Customizable Challenges
  • Mental & Physical Health
  • Nutrition Education
  • Habits for Work-Life Balance

Delivering on our promise - the CFW Playbook!


All CFW Team Leaders are well versed in our company Playbook that guides them through the quality of our service approaches and provides tools to create a dynamic fitness and wellness culture for hybrid organizations. From greeting members by name to offering a customized workout plan that translates from the office to their home, we have a distinctive approach to each of our service delivery methods that set us apart from our competitors. Come experience it for yourself. Contact us today!