Finding the Yin & the Yang of a Hybrid Life

Written by: Mitch Beck, CFW Health Fitness Specialist

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Yin & Yang, the visual definition of balance. With Covid throwing the world off balance and most of us now working from home, we have found ourselves in a sometimes rewarding yet hectic hybrid life circus. Sometimes you get the kids ready with no problem and make all your work meetings on time! Other times you’re lucky if you get matching shoes on, and the day just goes on from there. So how can we have more productive days vs crazy days? How can exercise help? Isn’t that just one more thing to take up time in your day? Luckily at Corporate Fitness Works, we are here to help!

Planning a schedule is key. If you don’t at least try to map out your day, you will never have a good work-life balance. I find more success when I write out my schedule on a calendar, planner, or notebook (digital is fine but personally I think writing helps it stick better).

Timers & Alarms
I personally love the use of timers and alarms. I set timers or alarms for how long I work and how long I take a break. I especially do it when it’s a long break or I’m doing an activity that can quickly consume more time than I intended, specifically video games and TV shows. (Even if the show leaves me on a cliffhanger!) I respect the timer or alarm I set for myself and move on to the next scheduled activity or continue the previous activity. By doing this, I find myself keeping a higher focus with better work results. When I give my mind and body the love It needs, I succeed.

Consistent exercise is proven to lower stress and promote brain functionality. The goal should be 150 minutes of exercise a week. If that seems like a lot, 15 minutes a day is a good place to start and then build up to 150. Set a timer and just do what you can within that time. If you feel that you can’t fit it in your day or have a small window, find a virtual CFW class or other to watch. They show the duration of the class in the video, so use that to plan accordingly.

Use these tips to help find balance between work and life. Look for more content from our team about ways to adapt to this virtual world and find ideas that work for you. You only get one shot at life, so it’s important to enjoy it! Work and money are essential, but your sanity and health dictate your satisfaction in life.

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