Trainer Interview: Top 10 Workout Tips

Written by: Jennifer Miles, CFW Health and Fitness Professional

Corporate Fitness Center Management

Looking for ways to improve your workout? Here are some trainer tips to help you out!

Make a plan:  Nothing just happens, be sure you know what you are doing before you show up for your workout.  Pick out your clothes the night before and think about your food choices before you get hungry.

Develop an accountability system: This could be a workout buddy, a supportive family member, an online coach, or a sticker chart on your fridge.

Choose comfortable and supportive clothes and shoes: You want to feel good when you are working out and avoid as much chafing skin and blisters as possible.  This includes picking the appropriate sports bra or underwear for your workout.

Enjoy what you do: If you hate running, try biking.  If you used to rollerblade as a teenager, try taking skates on a rail trail. If you have fun, you will continue to come back to exercise.

Set a realistic workout schedule and include rest days:  How much time can you give to exercise right now without compromising the rest of your to do list? Be sure you have at least one day of rest and one day of active recovery per week.

Have a backup plan: If you are an early riser, do you have a backup plan if your alarm does not go off and you miss your workout time?  Or what if your day gets away from you and you must work though lunch?  Life happens, but always have a backup plan.

Make healthy food choices the default:  Technically no food is off limits. However, if you know you have a food that triggers overeating, makes you feel bloated or gives you a headache: do not have it available to you.   Pick up nutritionally dense foods each week and prep them in advanced.

Understand that it will be hard somedays:  In order to strengthen your mind and body, remember, there are going to be days that are harder than others.  You may want to quit, but just remember how much you have already done, where you started and know that ten minutes of a workout is better than zero minutes of a workout.

Know your limits: You know your body better than anyone.  If you are doing something that makes you uncomfortable or feels dangerous in any way, STOP.  There are so many ways to work out and exercise your muscles, we can find something that works better for you, your body, and your situation.

Use music for motivation:  Pick music that has a similar beats per minute (BPM) of the exercises you want to do.  This will keep your pace steady and on track.  If you are stretching, lifting weights or getting ready for your session, play some of your favorite tunes and sing along in your head.

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