The Importance of Connecting Your Health with Others

Written by: Mitch Beck, CFW Health Fitness Specialist

Young woman with kids doing fitness exercices at home, online class

Connection and socialization are key components to mental health and happiness. You might wonder, how can socializing help you live a healthier lifestyle? Well, making friends with people that are interested in their health can be pivotal in your ability to live a healthy lifestyle. When a person shares their goals with someone else, they are 65% more likely to achieve the goal. It is quite common that we do things with our friends or even mimic them. This is a natural part of friendship, and this is the key reason connecting with other people can help you live a healthy lifestyle. If you have a friend or friends that are healthy minded, you are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle. You might even be the healthy friend inspiring others.

Now you might be asking, “Where do I find these healthy friends?” or “How can I get my friends to do healthy things with me?” Here are some things to do to find a healthy crew.

 Go to the Gym: Simply attending the gym regularly can increase the chance of you making a friend that is interested in health.

 Attend Group Classes: Find a group exercise class that you and your friends enjoy, make a commitment to attend regularly, and hold each other accountable for attending. There are also online classes that you can attend. Ask if CFW Fit Streaming is an option for you. *Pro tip: The bigger your friend group the more likely you are to succeed.

Create a Group Chat: Coordinate your gym attendance by finding a time that works for you and your friends and go to the gym and participate in the same exercises.

Consider Partner or Small group training: At CFW we offer partner and small group training, which is a great way to get professional workout instructions with friends.

Find Groups on Social Media: Social media is a great place to find local or abroad healthy minded people to connect with. You will find an unlimited supply of healthy ideas or activities to join in and try.

There are endless other ways to make friends. I believe a key part is being determined and diligently looking for friends that will support and join you in your fitness journey.

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