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Mind Over Matter

Written by: Joelle Ceneviva, Health Fitness Program Manager When determining success, Mental Toughness is viewed as one of the most important psychological attributes to facing adversity. Mental toughness is our inner focus and commitment to rise above. Often followed is a sense of resilience, perseverance and mental fortitude. Mind over matter is everywhere. In nearly…

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Habit Stacking: Make new health habits stick!

Written by: Jamie Schoepke, CFW Health Fitness Professional It’s Monday, the start of a new work week. This week feels different as the energy and excitement run through your body. You made the decision to start a gratitude practice and attend a virtual fitness class during the workday. You learned that movement and mindset help…

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Using Apps to Get You Moving & Motivated

Written by: Mary Rosenthol, CFW Health and Fitness Professional Midweek and it’s raining again. The kids are trying to do online classes. I have been at my desk for a couple of hours and my back is beginning to hurt. Does this scenario sound familiar? Life is nothing like it was compared to just a…

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