Stretching as a Way of Life

Written by: Alexander Halsey, CFW Health & Fitness Professional

Group Of Happy Young Businesspeople Doing Stretching Exercise In Office

Exercise, as simple as it may seem, communicates to us information about our strength and movement patterns. The gym is our lab to improve our strength and movement amongst other things. There is a movement of hierarchy on which efficient ambulation is built upon. Flexibility is at the root of efficient ambulation.

What is flexibility? It is the ability of a muscle to stretch across a joint without being restricted. Our muscles are naturally extensible and elastic. Stretching helps with extensibility, while exercise caters to the elasticity and contractility of muscle.

On my journey to increasing my overall strength, I plateaued. The only pass was increasing my flexibility. I was even experiencing some pain that normally hadn’t accompanied my training. Incorporating stretching more into my preparation and recovery allowed me to become more flexible and work a wider section of muscle during exercise. The plateau didn’t last too long after that!

Stretching is a core part in maintaining independence as it assists us in completing everyday activities like getting out of bed, picking up things off the floor, and posture. Sustained muscle pliability is crucial for everyone and if it is not tended to, joint range of motion may be reduced prematurely. This is consistent even for active individuals. Don't be stressed out, stretch it out!

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