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How to Navigate from the Couch to a 5K

Completing a 5k, the equivalent of running 3.1 miles continuously, may sound daunting. With a smart and gradual training approach, you can find your stride and feel strong in no time. Check out these great tips on how you can get 5k ready from Health Fitness Specialist, Becky McGraw.

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Are You an Active Couch Potato?

Too much sitting and long bouts of sedentary behavior is bad for your health. Even if we fit in a 30-minute workout during the day, spending our remaining hours sitting can still increase health risks. This month, we focus our health content with education and tips to reduce that risk by boosting your active minutes throughout the entire day.

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Healthful Hints for Hydration

Water is essential for life! How can you be sure you’re drinking enough water to support healthy body functions and well-being? Health Fitness Specialist, Becky McGraw addresses the recommendations for healthy hydration and provides useful tips on how to increase your daily water intake.

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Living with Chronic Joint Pain

Our Corporate Fitness Works Team Leaders share these resources and expertise on how to maintain healthy, pain-free joints with proper exercise and nutrition.

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Benefits of Outdoor Workouts

We all know that exercise produces many health benefits. When you take your workouts outside, you can increase those benefits even more. Check out this article from fitness pro and writer, Kelly Fay as she walks us through the added health benefits of outdoor exercise.

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Explore The Outdoors

June is National Great Outdoors Month! Let’s celebrate by getting out and getting moving. Discover the fun and health benefits from participating in outdoor recreation.

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Eat in Season – Healthy Spring Smoothies

Written by: Kelly Fay, CFW Health Fitness Specialist When it comes to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, there’s nothing more satisfying than eating in season. When you eat seasonal treats, you are more likely to benefit from the nutritional aspects because the fruit is picked at its ripest state making it denser in nutritional content.…

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Enhance Your Brain Activity

Enhance Your Brain Activity Written by: Samantha Granger, Health Fitness Specialist The human brain is a very complex and amazing organ. Only 1.5 kilograms of soft brain tissue working at its highest leaves computers in the dust with its never-ending capacity for invention, innovation, and problem solving. If the saying “our body is a temple”…

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Plan Your Fitness Like Your Finances

It’s the time of year again when resolutions are on many of our minds. These resolutions are typically centered on things we think of year-round, but are pushed to the forefront when self-improvement is mentioned. Possibly the two most popular of these topics are fitness and finances.

We usually don’t think of our fitness and finances as being related (outside of a monthly gym membership fee that may feel more like a donation), but the two can share similar ideologies. If you’re currently not conscious of either, hopefully this post will be twice as beneficial!

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