How to Have a Healthy Work Year

Written by: Jennifer Sabol, CFW Assistant Health Fitness Program Manager

2020 New Year Goal

Every time the new year rolls around, we get inspired to set goals and to try new things. We spend on average about 2,080 hours per year working. This is a large part of our lives! So, why not give yourself a goal for the work year and set yourself up for a healthful 2020?

I believe it’s important to not only set goals for what you need, but also what you want. Before setting a goal, take a moment to key into your life and current environment to pay attention to what's happening at that time. In terms of fitness, starting January 1 with a goal to run a marathon in 2020 may not be realistic, but perhaps a goal to complete your first 5k by May makes more sense. Applying that logic to a professional ‘work’ goal, now may not be the best time to take on a new role or promotion. However, it may be a great time to work on building a relationship with a coworker to become a better team, which may later reveal opportunities for that new role or promotion you're wanting. The key is learning more about yourself to set the best goals to be a healthier you.

In the workplace, we often associate success as getting praise from our boss, receiving a raise, or other forms of external acknowledgement. While these are all great, remember the internal successes that can also power motivation and sense of accomplishment. For example, if your goal is to achieve a better balance in work and home life, then successfully working a week without having to stay late shows your progress toward prioritizing personal life and wellbeing. If you have a gym at work, using it to workout at least 3 days a week is another success. Organizing and completing a team builder activity can help you overcome difficult relationships with co-workers and learn to be a better leader.

Ultimately being healthy in the workplace is no different than any other part of your life. In fact, you should strive to feel your best while at work, given that most workers spend 8-12 hours on average each day at the office. Prioritize yourself. That means taking a break mentally or physically when you need it. Be sure to monitor your nutrition and not put aside healthful eating just because you need to complete a task. And don’t forget to seek support from friends, co-workers, and your onsite health and fitness professionals! Build healthy relationships at the office. Community is how we feel we belong.

This month, our content writers bring you tips on how to be successful and fit in the workplace so you can set optimal goals for your new year!