Rethink Your Break

Written by: Jennifer Sabol, Assistant Health Fitness Program Manager


Have you ever tried to take a break whether it be from work or another area of your life, only to realize it didn’t really help you in the moment? I’ve personally done that multiple times. Stopping what I’m doing and mindlessly pressing pause but not mindfully reflecting how to actually do it. While we have all been challenged in this season of a pandemic to press pause in different ways, it is important to remember how we are pressing pause.

Choosing mindful breaks can help us to be more productive whether it is in our work, family, or personal lives. Believe it or not, if you actually plan your breaks you can make them more meaningful – and that can help you to recharge better.

Some of my personal favorites include: Stopping what I’m doing to do a 10-minute stretch or Yoga, journaling a few notes about how my day is going, or playing my guitar. While the possibilities are endless, it is important to choose things that are mindful and allow us to relax and refocus our energy. It is also great to do things that can pull us away from technology because so much of our days are consumed by screens. So, I encourage you to press pause and rethink your break and ask yourself, “What am I doing to relax in this moment?”

This month our content writers are focusing on mindfulness in both your physical, mental, and nutrition well-being.

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