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How to Take a Rest Day

Written by: Edward Sherako, Health Fitness Specialist So, your fresh start has really taken off this year. Goals are being achieved and healthy adaptations are evident. There has been a definite “AHA!” moment and the day just does not seem fulfilled without the daily bout of exercise. Beware of some pitfalls that can occur at…

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Sleep and Our Health

Written by: Kyle Vassar, CFW Health Fitness Professional We look at our diet and exercise and think “That’s health. That’s what determines a healthy person”. And although those are very important contributors to our health, we are missing another really important part: sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep makes me wake up with a fogless…

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Rethink Your Break

Written by: Jennifer Sabol, Assistant Health Fitness Program Manager Have you ever tried to take a break whether it be from work or another area of your life, only to realize it didn’t really help you in the moment? I’ve personally done that multiple times. Stopping what I’m doing and mindlessly pressing pause but not…

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Take a hike!

Written by: Becky McGraw, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager Scenic overlook – photo credit: Becky McGraw As people search for a way to disconnect for a day, many will flock to the nearest trails. Although a walk around your town is always a great idea, hiking through a natural environment provides the ability to disconnect…

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The Extended Recharge with Your Family

Written by: Olivia Ventra, Health Fitness Specialist In this new coronavirus reality, the family home has become the epicenter of everything from school to daycare to work to social lives and it’s not an easy plate for parents to balance. However the “family home” doesn’t have to mean the typical nuclear family. I am currently…

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Spring Cleaning your Workspace, Mentally and Physically

Written by: Keriann Hill, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager The gloomy winter weather is finally behind us and spring has sprung! Many of us have started our spring cleaning, dusting off windowsills and letting in the fresh breeze. Why shouldn’t we devote the same attention to all aspects of our lives, especially our workspace where…

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