Growing Your Wellbeing is a Balancing Act

Written by: Jenny Kraus, CFW Health Fitness Specialist

Young calm fit healthy African American woman wearing sportswear sitting at home in bedroom doing yoga exercise, meditating and breathing in the morning. Mental health and zen meditation concept

When the word, “well-being” gets mentioned, what comes to mind? Do you think of your physical fitness? Happiness? Building positive relationships? What you may not realize is that your well-being is a broad term because many factors comprise your well-being including: physical, social, occupational, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, environmental, & financial factors. Your well-being consists of balancing ALL factors. For example, starting a job provides not just money, but a sense of belonging, friendships, goals, & a purpose.

The interrelationship between all factors change overtime because of natural progressions and stages in our life. Research shows that young and older adults typically show the highest levels of wellbeing compared to middle aged individuals. In addition to age, our culture, circumstances, resources, along with many other factors impact our well-being. Due to a multitude of factors keeping your well-being balanced will look different at each stage of your life. And it’s important for us to re-balance from time to time, to adjust to what is going on in our lives. For example, when a hardship or traumatic event occurs, it’s important for us to maintain our habits and normal routine to create a balance. This may look like taking time for ourselves and continuing to act in our daily roles- spouse, parent, co-worker, student, etc.

Overall positive & negative stages in our life will change our well-being, but if we re-balance our factors, we will continue to be at high levels.

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