Navigating Fitness in a Pandemic

By: Brittany Halpin, Health Fitness Specialist

Navigating Fitness in a Pandemic header image

When the COVID-19 pandemic initially shut down the U.S. via mandatory stay-at-home orders in March 2020, most of us wouldn’t have imagined it would still be presently affecting our daily lives come January 2021. With fitness center closures and mandatory face coverings at all times in public, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has proven to be a challenge during this new era. However, we are urged now more than ever to be taking care of our health.

Physical activity has demonstrated effectiveness in boosting immunity by decreasing risk of stress and chronic disease. As we continue to navigate this “new normal,” it’s important to keep in mind the following ways we can sustain fitness goals in order to prioritize health.

Get outdoors

Go for a bike ride or walk around your neighborhood. If you live in a cold winter region, bundle up and try a new activity like snowshoeing.

Catch up on household chores

Get your body moving by being productive around the house. Yes – vacuuming counts as physical activity!

Participate in virtual home workouts

Stay accountable to yourself by penciling your workout into your daily schedule. There are plenty of classes available online that require minimal equipment, including our CFW Signature Sessions which feature cardio, strength and flexibility formats for all levels of fitness.

Make TV-time an activity

Do jumping jacks, sit-ups or push-ups during your regular TV-time commercial breaks. You can even get the family up and moving with you!

Set reminders

Set an hourly reminder to stand up from your desk. Take a lap around the house, stretch for 5 minutes or take your conference call outside.

This month our content writers are bringing you information on mindful practices to stay healthy and keep moving whether you’re at home or work.

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