How to Make a Gym Bestie

Written by: Jordan DeVault, Health Fitness Specialist

Beautiful women working out in gym together to stay healthy. Sport, people, friend concept.

Creating health and fitness goals can be easy. Where it may become challenging is following through and achieving those targeted goals. While some have adapted to exercising alone during the pandemic, others have recently turned to exercising with a buddy. A gym buddy is a great resource to keep both parties focused and on track to accomplishing goals and staying on top of their health. There are many benefits that come with having a workout partner. You will have more motivation by encouraging each other to work harder. You might become more adventurous by trying new activities and exercises. Having someone who shows up at a set time/place will help hold you accountable and be more consistent with hitting the gym.

How to find the perfect gym buddy:

  • Find someone with similar goals, schedule, and commitment. This ensures you both are on the same page, and won't have to worry too much about a no-show gym partner.
  • Join group exercise classes and befriend someone in the class. Ask them to meet for the same class each week.
  • Chat to friends, coworkers, or neighbors. (weekly walk/runs with your neighbor or meet-ups with a coworker before/after the work day)
  • Connect on a workout app. There's nothing wrong with a long distance gym bestie! You can exercise together via video calls and send daily messages to push each other to be your best, healthiest selves.

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