Have Fun With Your Health Goals

Written by: Yolanda Cantu, CFW Health Fitness Professional As a seasoned fitness professional and cycling instructor, I have come to enjoy everything fitness has to offer, even applying it to everyday life goals. I have always encouraged my clients to apply all the “gains in the gym” to real-world activities; apply Boot Camp skills to…

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Working and Living Back Pain Free!

Written by: Jina Nkrumah: Health Fitness Specialist Lower Back Pain (LBP) is one of the most prevalent complaints that impact the lives of many individuals worldwide  When LBP strikes, it can range from acute (< three months), to chronic (> three months) and it can interfere with an individual’s overall productivity. Common causes of lower…

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Stock Your Pantry the Smart Way

Infographic from CFW Fitness Professional, Becky McGraw At a time of social distancing, many of us are limiting trips out of the house, cooking and eating more at home. Check out this list of essential food items so you can stock your pantry with healthy ingredients.  All of these items have a long shelf-life and…

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Fruits & Veggies: Fuel for Healthy Living

Written by: Olivia Ventra, CFW Health Fitness Specialist As the weather heats up and stay at home orders are gradually lifted, we can begin to take advantage of all the summer months have to offer. This includes enjoying the tasty benefits of fresh fruits and veggies! Reopening plans permitting, local farmers’ markets and fresh fruit…

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Sustainable Heart Health Initiatives

Written by: Kendall Rosen, CFW Senior Health Fitness Program Manager As February comes to a close, it’s a great time to assess what you are offering your employees to promote ongoing heart health and longevity. Maybe you captured a great group photo for Wear Red Day. Maybe you’ve sent out some informational resources via email…

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Healthy at All Ages

Written by: Samantha Granger, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager Over the last few years I have made it my personal goal to run as many races (5K, 10K, half marathons, and marathons) as possible. Believe me when I say I have been passed by a lot of people at different ages. While running the Detroit…

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