The Connection Between Diet and Life

Written by: Keriann Hill, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager


It’s no secret that our food choices impact our life. As a fitness professional, diet is a commonly discussed topic among clients with varying health goals. Some hope to lose weight, others to gain weight, and plenty who want to gain a better understanding about nutrition. No matter the goal, food is an integral part of our life and often a focal point of improving overall wellness. Let’s dive deeper into the connection between our diet and our lives.


Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and many other diseases can be influenced by the way we eat. Many of these diseases are preventable, at least in part by changing type or amount of food consumed. Our bodies function best when they are fueled by nutrient dense foods in the appropriate quantities. Additionally, there are plenty of studies that suggest that longevity and diet are linked! There is a decreased risk for all-cause mortality associated with a high intake of foods we consider healthy; including whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Mentally and Emotionally:

Whether it’s going out to grab drinks and appetizers with a friend, celebrating a birthday with dinner and cake, or having friends over for a BBQ, eating tends to be at the heart of many life events. Food can provide a reason for us to connect with our loved ones, which is extremely important for overall mental health. On the flip side, we sometimes find ourselves using food as a negative tool when life becomes stressful or we have emotional hardships. I know that I have come home from a bad day and eaten nothing but junk food, which in the end made me feel worse physically and mentally. No one is perfect, myself included, but this example serves as a reminder of the importance of creating a healthy relationship with food in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Focusing on a realistic and sustainable diet is the great way to stay physically and mentally healthy. This allows you to create a lifestyle rather than get swept up in yo-yo dieting by continually switching from diet to diet. No two people have the same relationship with food, so it is important to explore what works for you and make a lifestyle of it. In general, prioritizing nutrient dense foods like the health foods listed above will increase longevity, and allowing yourself to have your favorite treats every so often will minimize feelings of restriction and increase long-term adherence. Find the balance that serves your lifestyle!

This month, our fitness professionals are diving into macro/micronutrients, healthy balanced recipes, and even building your own meal plan.

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