‘Brand’ New! CFW’s refreshed brand and website.

It’s been several months in the making, and we are thrilled to announce the new look and feel of Corporate Fitness Works! What’s different and why change? More than elevated graphics and a modernized style, the new website features engaging copy that aligns with our expertise in offering fitness solutions that meet the unique needs…

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Pain in the Back

Back pack is a common health issue for working populations. The constant discomfort affects mood and productivity, and can lead to chronic conditions or injury. Fortunately there are several things we can do from posture correction, diet and exercise to help prevent or reduce back and other joint pain. Read on for more! Written by…

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Corporate Fitness Works launches new fitness center design division

Media contact: Beth Meccariello Cell: 860-877-0015 Office: 727-895-5030 ext. 106 PRESS RELEASE: Corporate Fitness Works launches new fitness center design division Engaging fitness amenities are now a “must-have” for commercial real estate owners and developers ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (July 23, 2019) – Corporate Fitness Works (CFW) has announced a new fitness center design division,…

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Ready… Action! Online fitness videos as a powerful engagement tool

Do you sit too much? Do you struggle to find time and motivation for exercise? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Most working American’s have jobs that involve prolonged sitting and site lack of time and motivation as common barriers to exercise. The associated physical and mental health…

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The Balancing Act

The role of social interactions on physical and mental health Written by: Ashley Deonarain, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager Life comes at you in waves. Sometimes you feel like you are on top, riding the waves with cool confidence. Other times, the waves slam into your body and it feels like you are being crushed. While…

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Strong. Powerful. Fit.

Written by: By Jared Hoffmeyer, Health Fitness Specialist We all want to be strong and be known for our strength both in and out of the gym, but what kind of strength do you already possess? What kind of strength are you working towards? And what kind is your body best suited for? There are…

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Fitness can be all fun and games

Big Fish training room looking over water

Big Fish Games Case Study High-tech gaming companies are known for their trendy employee cultures that pair tech-savvy people with a balance of hard work and fun. That’s especially true at Big Fish Games, Inc., a Seattle-based gaming company where you’ll find employees who don’t feel guilty about taking an hour out of their workdays…

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This Workshop Builds Engagement

Entrance to Lowe's Fitness Center

Lowe’s Case Study The Lowe’s corporate office in Mooresville, North Carolina is every associate’s dream. It boasts attractive perks like a walking trail around a scenic lake, living-room style collaborative spaces, pop-up farmers markets and a Zen Garden. But until recently, the Lowe’s headquarters building was missing one big thing for its associates: a fitness…

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A ‘Sprint’ to a redesigned fitness center

Sprint Cycling Room

Sprint Case Study Sprint and Corporate Fitness Works have worked together for more than 30 years. Most notably, Corporate Fitness Works designed a three-story 70,000-square-foot fitness center for Sprint when the company moved its headquarters to Overland Park, Kansas. The fitness center has been a huge attraction for Sprint employees, contractors, and family members ever…

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