What is Your Vision for 2018?

Written by: Leanne Bishop, Health Fitness Specialist

The year may be winding down, but your focus on health should stay as important as ever. Do you remember those goals you set for yourself in the beginning of the year? It’s time to sit down, reflect on your 2017 accomplishments, and set new goals for 2018. According to Lodro Rinzler, a meditation expert and best-selling author of The Buddha Walks into a Bar, looking back on the year should not include dwelling on the disappointments and the areas needing improvement. Instead, your reflection should involve rejoicing!

Rejoicing, evaluation, and goal setting all play a part in your vision for the upcoming year. Follow these steps to help set your focus for 2018.

  1. Month by month appraisal. Find one positive feat for each month in 2017.
  2. Evaluate each accomplishment. Using qualitative or quantitative feedback, give yourself an honest rating.
  3. Compare your accomplishments to your goals. Understand that it is not about achieving all your goals. If you did, your goals were not challenging enough.
  4. Plan for next year. After the conclusion of your assessment, create new goals to improve your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.

Not only is rejoicing beneficial for the mind, self-evaluation and goal setting are just as important for your new vision. This month’s content writers will focus the creation of your 2018 vision through reflection, evaluation, and goal setting. Also, check out this month’s featured exercise and nutrition concentration for an overall health and fitness focus.

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