The Top 5 Inexpensive Equipment Items To Help You Workout At Home

Written by: Carla Rinker, CFW Account Manager & Fitness Expert

At home fitness equipment

With gyms and fitness facilities around the nation closed, finding motivation to stay active is harder than before. You don’t need expensive gym equipment to get a great workout. These staple items don’t take up much space and still provide plenty of variety in your workout routine.

A jump rope is a great way to build up your cardiovascular endurance or to use as a quick exercise bout between sets. If you haven’t jumped rope in a while, you may want to start with 30 second work bouts and then add 10-15 seconds each day. As you build up your jump time, start to increase how fast you’re jumping. Once you master a single under, try to increase the intensity and work toward a double under – when the rope passes under the feet twice in one jump.

Jump rope on white background
Woman Working Out with resistance band

Having a resistance band or two available not only saves on storage space in your home but can add plenty of variety to your workouts. Using your own body or the doorknob, you can adjust the tension on the band for the desired resistance level.

If there’s one piece of equipment worth purchasing, it’s a mat. A mat will provide protection of your back and joints during your workout. It will also be the surface where your sweat falls during your workout to protect your carpet and floors.

Hand weights are an excellent way to add resistance to almost any exercise to gain strength and tone the muscles. You can either purchase a small weight tree to house your dumbbells and keep them orderly or adjustable dumbbells that you can change out, enabling you to switch from one exercise to the next.

Finding the right music for your workout is key! Stream your favorite playlist or create your own – there are plenty of stations available to help keep you motivated while you workout.

Hand weights and music

These five equipment items are all you need to get a great workout in your home! Switch it up each day by using a different piece of equipment and making sure you work the opposing muscle groups for the best full body workout. And don’t forget to turn up the music and get in your zone!