The Scoop on Small Group Training

Written by: Bill Klitz, Personal Training Manager

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Not sure about small group training? Here’s what you need to know and how to give it a try.

What is it?

Small group training sessions are essentially the same as personal training, but instead of being one-on-one, you exercise in a group of eight or less led by a certified personal trainer. With limited participation and a common goal in each session, the trainer provides each member with plenty of personalized attention. Whether you are learning a new piece of equipment or navigating around an old injury, this attention to detail is invaluable!

Why try it?

Small group training is a popular choice for many members because of its affordability and the fact that you can train with friends. It’s often described as “The quality of a personal trainer at a better price-point, with a small, likeminded community to share experiences and motivation.” It’s this attention to detail and high-quality programming that differentiates it from group classes. It allows the trainer to see that their clients will reach their goals safer and faster.  

Does it work?

When seeing multiple members in a session, you may think small group training operates like a regular group fitness class. Here's how it's different: Each small group session is programmed by a certified trainer and builds from one session to the next. Every exercise is personalized for each participant, tailoring the workout your unique fitness goals. The trainer tracks individual progress with regular one-on-one assessments to ensure the program is safe and effective. Most small group training programs last around five to six weeks.  This period is short enough for people to commit without schedule conflicts but still long enough to notice measurable progress. 

Not a competitive person but still looking for motivation? Working out with friends is an excellent way to push harder without that intimidating boot camp feel.  If you’re interested in registering or would like more information about Small Group Training, click here to connect with a certified small group trainer.