The Headache of Battling Allergies

By: Leanne Bishop, Health Fitness Specialist

Young girl with allergy in autumn park

The summer blooms are fading and the leaves are finally changing. So, why are allergies still in the air? According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. These allergies include: indoor/outdoor allergies (i.e. mold, mildew, and ragweed), skin allergies, food allergies, drug allergies, and animal/insect allergies.

This month’s content will be focusing on the indoor/outdoor allergies during the fall season as well as food allergies. The fall season has earned its place in the allergy poll primarily due to the ragweed allergy and its impact on his or her sinuses. Ragweed produces over a billion grains of pollen and can travel several hundreds of miles disturbing the entire country. Conversely, food allergies occur when one’s immune system finds a particular food harmful to his or her body. The body then produces antibodies to fight off the questionable food causing an allergic reaction, including hives, swelling, and shortness of breath.

To learn helpful habits on how to reduce fall allergies and to increase your awareness on food allergies, take a look at this month’s content. Additionally, check out the featured exercise of the month, which includes different ways to use a foam roller.

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