A ‘Sprint’ to a redesigned fitness center

Sprint Cycling Room

Sprint Case Study

Sprint and Corporate Fitness Works have worked together for more than 30 years. Most notably, Corporate Fitness Works designed a three-story 70,000-square-foot fitness center for Sprint when the company moved its headquarters to Overland Park, Kansas.

The fitness center has been a huge attraction for Sprint employees, contractors, and family members ever since. But in late 2016, Sprint realized the facility needed a refresh. And they needed it done fast – within six weeks.

With this in mind, the CFW team worked on an accelerated schedule, focusing on equipment upgrades while partnering with designers and architects on small but impactful details like air flow, sight lines and the placement of equipment.

Sprint’s revamped fitness center soon included:

  • Functional training zones with cable machines, TRX equipment, and boxing equipment;
  • A strength-training area and group cycling studio;
  • Dedicated rooms for on-demand fitness and gaming; and
  • New technology that recommends workouts based on previous equipment use.

For a more inviting and collaborative area for Sprint employees, CFW also added synthetic wood flooring, new lighting and furniture, and fresh wall colors to the fitness center’s lobby.

Sprint Lounge Area

A grand re-opening to remember

But perhaps the best part of the Sprint/CFW partnership is the magic that happened at the fitness center’s four-hour open house.

The CFW team organized 11 stations with demonstrations and 15-minute classes where Sprint employees earned stamps for stopping by each station. Employees who visited six of the 11 stations were eligible for prizes like free personal training or a year-long membership to the fitness center.

About 1,700 Sprint employees attended the open house that day – one-fourth of the approximately 5,000 employees and 2,000 contractors at Sprint’s headquarters. CFW also signed up 50 new members at the re-opening, adding to the facility’s existing 1,540 memberships.