Reignite your 2023 Resolutions

Written by: Kim Poole, Community Engagement Manager

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We're halfway through 2023. Where did the time go? With New Year's Resolution Recommitment Day on June 1, now is the perfect time to re-visit those 2023 resolutions you made for yourself and take a look at your resolutions, your successes, and your drawbacks.

Tips for reigniting your 2023 resolutions:

  • Review your resolutions and identify your successes and your drawbacks. You'll never achieve them if you can't remember what they are! Take a look at what you came up with at the beginning of the year. What progress have you made? Congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished! If you've been having a hard time staying on track...
  • Think about your why. Are your resolutions something you actually want to achieve, or something you just feel like you should achieve? Making sure that your resolutions are in line with your priorities and values can help you be more successful in achieving them.
  • Examine your life for what it is. Are the resolutions you set 6 months ago still feasible in your current life? If so, great! If not, is there a way you can tweak your resolution to better fit with your current routine? Think about setting yourself up for success. Your resolutions should challenge you, but shouldn't be unrealistic.
  • Share your resolutions with others. Building a system of those who support you (especially if they have similar goals in mind) can help motivate you and keep you on track. And who knows, maybe you'll even inspire someone new to pick up a new resolution, too!
  • Recommit, don't quit! If you miss a day, or two, or you've fallen off completely, it's never to late to jump back in and start again. The only shot you miss is the one you never take.

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