This Workshop Builds Engagement

Lowe's Workout Room

Lowe's Case Study

The Lowe’s corporate office in Mooresville, North Carolina is every associate’s dream. It boasts attractive perks like a walking trail around a scenic lake, living-room style collaborative spaces, pop-up farmers markets and a Zen Garden.

But until recently, the Lowe’s headquarters building was missing one big thing for its associates: a fitness center.

Lowe’s soon worked with Corporate Fitness Works (CFW) to design an innovative fitness center where all associates, from IT to accounting, could move and socialize. Corporate Fitness Works also recommended modern equipment for Lowe’s, making sure its fitness center has brand-new equipment that works in harmony with its design.

Appropriately named “The Workshop,” the new fitness center was designed with Lowe’s associates in mind and incorporated cool features like:

  • A spin studio
  • A space for group fitness classes like yoga or boot camp
  • A relaxation corner with two massage chairs
  • And a juice bar with healthy smoothies and wraps

Entrance to Lowe's Fitness Center

Beyond free weights and treadmills

CFW also helped Lowe’s incorporate a “recharge room” with an old-school Pac-Man arcade machine, a Ping-Pong table and a foosball table – all fun ways for Lowe’s associates to decompress during a busy workday.

The partnership doesn’t stop at design and equipment, though. CFW also manages and staffs “The Workshop” as a way to support fitness center members in their unique journeys. And the CFW team isn’t there to upsell memberships: They’re there to give concierge service to Lowe’s associates, whether it’s through teaching classes or giving high fives.

The result: One month after opening its doors, “The Workshop” had more than 700 members, proving that it’s not just a place to build physical strength – it’s a place to build a community.