Keeping in Shape During Vacation

Keeping in Shape During Vacation

Written by: Kelly Fay, , MS Kinesiology, MA Performance Psychology

There is nothing sweeter than a vacation! But with the excitement of vacation comes overindulgence in many forms. The biggest culprits? The all-you-can-eat buffet and the leisurely days spent relaxing. Although it sounds dreamy, those who don’t want to lose all the hard work spent getting in shape, should consider incorporating some sweat sessions into their itinerary to keep up with their fitness levels.

Staying in shape on your vacation doesn’t have to be a drag, even doing some basic movements can help increase your metabolism and re-energize your body and mind during your time spent away from home. The following are some tips you can use to maintain your fitness routine even miles away from your gym.

Transform your Hotel Room into a Gym

Before you start your day, bust out 15 minutes of exercise … in your hotel room! First thing in the morning, put on your workout attire and get going. Body weight exercises are effective and convenient for on-the-go workouts. It doesn’t have to be intense or even long, just enough to get your blood flowing and boost your mood. A perfect way to start your day in paradise is with a natural glow!


Take a Hike

Take a hike… or a walk or a run. There is something about exercising in nature that not only lifts our mood but makes us feel more productive. Why not see a destination while sweating from its beautiful peaks and valleys?


Get In the Water

Splish Splash! Water is one of the best and most natural forms of resistance in regard to exercise. Whether you choose to go for a swim in an exotic ocean or play a game of Marco Polo with the kiddos in the hotel pool, you will likely be having fun while exercising.


Where Adventure Meets Fitness

Participate in an adventure that is indigenous to your location. Are you vacationing the mountains? Rent a mountain bike, hike up to the tallest local peak or partake in some natural rock climbing. Are you near water? Water sports are extremely physically demanding so if you wakeboard, surf or kayak you can bet you’ll be burning calories while having a blast.


Pedal Your Way Through the City

Not only is exploring a new city on a two-wheels an exciting and different way to sightsee but you can also stay active and increase your metabolism. This is a win/win. What’s more? Bike rentals are usually very cheap, even if you rent them all day. Good on your health, good on your wallet. Again, a win/win!


Try Morning Meditation

Not all workouts require using your muscles. In fact, a mental workout is just as (if not more) effective. If you are vacationing somewhere on the coast or near a mountain top, opt for a sunrise meditation or a barefoot morning stroll. This will clear your mind and start your day off with a peaceful tune.


Rest Stop HIIT Workout

Going on a road trip? We all know road trips are filled with snacking, loud music and too much sitting. Regardless of the length of time spent driving, try to stop at a rest stop mid-way through the drive for a little energy boost. Spend 20 minutes doing a basic HIIT workout to get your blood flowing and induce yourself with some much needed energy. Following your sweaty pit stop, munch on a healthy snack before you set off on the second part of your drive. You will feel energized and accomplished!

Kelly Fay is Health Fitness Specialist for Corporate Fitness Works. She has a M.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, and M.A. in Sport Psychology and Performance. Kelly enjoys writing about fitness and travel and is an established contributor for several online publications.