Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Written by: Jennifer Sabol, Assistant Health Fitness Program Manager

The new year is here! With the new year comes a chance to start fresh. Starting fresh can mean a lot of different things for different people. It may mean focusing on your exercise goals and loosing weight, it could be starting a new job, moving, forming new friendships or relationships, or setting other personal goals. Starting fresh should be less focused on the “what” and more focused on the “how”. Anyone can set a goal, but it is how you achieve that goal that really makes the difference.

As someone who loves to set goals, I tend to reflect on the past in order to then focus on the future. I set a baseline to see where I am and find areas that I want to improve upon from there.

This month, our content writers are focusing on total body wellness as well as ways to jump-start your health goals in 2019 offering professional perspective on trendy concepts like cleansing or intermittent fasting. Learn some fun new ideas to get a fresh start this new year!

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