A Legacy of Service Excellence Lives On – CFW Honors Abby Hedahl

A Legacy of Service Excellence Lives On – CFW Honors Abby Hedahl, 2018 Rachel House Hudson Customer Care Award Winner

Pictured above are members of the CFW Team presenting Abby with her award during an onsite reception this past December. From left: Laurie Caton (VP of Account Management), Abby Hedahl (award winner and Sr. Health Fitness Program Manager), Teresa Fortunato O’Mara (VP of Team Care), and Jacquelyn Lofaro (Senior Account Manager).

Corporate Fitness Works is proud to recognize Abby Hedahl as the 16th annual recipient of the Rachel House Hudson Customer Care Award. This award was established in 2002 to honor a Corporate Fitness Works teammate who sadly lost her life in a car accident. The award pays tribute to Rachel’s service excellence, recognizing those who embody her passion for fitness and exceptional member care. Nomination requires a justification essay along with member testimonials and client endorsements demonstrating how the nominee meets the criteria of strong member relationships, professionalism, and advocacy for member safety and education.

In contribution to Abby’s nomination, her supervising Senior Account Manager, Jacquelyn Lofaro shared this statement: “Abby is a true gem of a Team Leader. The testimonials and endorsements received on her behalf for this award nomination speak volumes of her dedication to customer care, level of professionalism, advocacy for safety and ongoing member education, and the value she brings to CFW.” Abby is the Senior Health Fitness Program Manager for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) Wellness and Fitness Center managed by Corporate Fitness Works in Washington, DC. Abby has a 12-year history with CFW and is known for her infectious enthusiasm, energy, and strong leadership. In her current role, Abby supervises the daily operations of the comprehensive GAO fitness facility, programs, and classes, and leads the onsite team in providing high-touch, personalized member care. In addition, Abby provides regional leadership and coordination among CFW’s coverage personnel across the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, and mentors fellow Program Managers as part of the Account Management Team. From her nomination packet, Abby’s peers and supervisors describe the full-depth of her service impact, which is felt across the organization.“Abby demonstrated her passion for helping staff grow and develop when she was approached for the role of supervising the Regional Fitness Specialists. Her ability to think big-picture allowed her to realize the challenges of the role and express empathy. This led her to be super passionate and energized to improve the situation, which I believe she has.” Laurie Caton – Vice President of Account ManagementAbby has an impressive ability to balance compassionate leadership while influencing high expectations for operational organization and a drive for continuous improvement.

“Abby has a keen eye for order. She keeps her site immaculate and well organized. Because of this her site is safe for members to use, and they always know where to find equipment. She is constantly keeping herself educated on the latest trends in the industry and bringing new ideas to CFW clients and members.” Renee Goldsmith, CFW Senior Account ManagerAdored by members and highly respected by teammates, Abby is considered a role model who fully embodies characteristics and criteria of the Rachel House Hudson award.

“I love going to our fitness center, and it is the first time in my life I have gone to a fitness center on a regular basis, rather than just the once or twice a month routine that is so common for many people. A huge reason for this is because of the culture of our fitness center, which starts with Abby. Abby goes out of her way to make members feel welcome and has created a culture that encourages the other staff to do so as well. Abby is fully deserving of an award that recognizes these traits, and she is an enormous asset to GAO and the Fitness Center.” Cam Flores, GAO Wellness and Fitness Center Member and Board Member

“Abby always does really well with remembering what’s going on in members’ lives and asking them about details that most staff would forget. Because of this, members really enjoy talking and opening up to Abby, and find her very approachable. Abby provides the best customer care that I have ever seen, and it shows by how happy our membership and other Team Leaders are. Bryce Holliday, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager (previously Health Fitness Specialist at GAO)“As a regional position for Corporate Fitness Works, I’ve had the opportunity to see Abby Hedahl in numerous environments. When I have worked at GAO, I see how much time and effort she puts in to forming a positive relationship with every member that comes through the door. She refers to them all by name and remembers details from previous conversations she’s had with them. Ever since I have started my career with Corporate Fitness Works, I have looked up to Abby as a role model.” Kirsten Larsen, CFW Regional Health Fitness SpecialistAbby is passionate about CFW’s mission to Move Everybody! In her nomination packet, she is recognized for her leadership and implementation of a new app that helped reach GAO employees with remote, offsite fitness programming. Member testimonials reveal Abby’s commitment to inspire fitness beyond the four walls of the facility.

“Abby offers suggestions for simple things to do in the office when I am experiencing a particular pain point. Even when I’m on travel for work, she has provided me specific exercises that I can do easily while away. She is a true blessing for me and I’m grateful to be able to start my day a couple days a week with her, and of course, be healthier and more fit as a result!” Marie Mak, GAO Wellness & Fitness Center MemberThe GAO Wellness & Fitness Center operates under the provisionary guidance of a non-profit, volunteer employee board called the GAO Fitness and Athletics Association (GFAA). Abby regularly collaborates and reports to this board supporting seamless integration for GAO’s healthy corporate culture. Members of the board recognize her exemplary service in their endorsements.

“I wholeheartedly endorse Abby as a Team Leader who embodies CFW’s values of customer care excellence. One of Abby’s strengths is her positive attitude and energy. As a member of the Board, I have observed Abby as being very responsive to requests and open to change based on Board preferences. It has been a pleasure working with her.” Kira Self, GAO Wellness and Fitness Center Member & Board Member

“Abby is a true professional, bringing accountability and follow-up to a place obsessed with those things. She also has exceptional interpersonal skills, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully, regardless of the question or comment. I have seen this in place in the fitness center and at every board meeting.” Sarah Farkas, GAO Wellness and Fitness Center Board Member

Corporate Fitness Works considers nomination for this award a very high honor. In addition to recognizing Abby’s achievement, we commend these fellow award nominees.Missy Barnett, Health Fitness Program Manager at Hallmark Crown Center Fitness in Kansas City, MO.Brittany Barfield, Health Fitness Program Manager at COHO Department of Commerce Fitness Center in Washington, DC.Suzanne Stevens, Health Fitness Program Manager at Kendal Crosslands Communities in Kennett Square, PA.[mk_custom_box corner_radius=”5″ padding_vertical=”10″ padding_horizental=”10″ bg_color=”#1e84bf” elevation_effect=”true”]Since establishing this award 16 years ago, Corporate Fitness Works has celebrated nearly 50 Team Leader nominees. Abby, Missy, Brittany and Suzanne are among this esteemed group who display the characteristics that endeared Rachel to her fitness center members and team members who knew her. Corporate Fitness Works’ recognition of Team Leaders who demonstrate these unique abilities will forever memorialize Rachel’s contributions to Corporate Fitness Works and our clients.” [/mk_custom_box]