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Corporate Fitness Works announces Candace Snapp as the 14th annual recipient of the Rachel House Hudson Customer Care Award. The Rachel House Hudson Customer Care award was established in 2002 to honor a Corporate Fitness Works teammate who sadly lost her life in a car accident. The award pays tribute to her service excellence, recognizing those who embody her passion for fitness and exceptional customer care.

“Candace sincerely loves our members. She doesn’t brag about what she does…from helping those when they’ve lost loved ones, to donating money to help pay medical bills. She truly is an angel to individuals that have encountered her …in saving and changing lives.”
- Demetrius Jacobs, Fitness Specialist

An admired member of the Corporate Fitness Works team, Candace is a Program Manager at the Social Security Administration (SSA) Windy City Workouts in Chicago. On December 12, 2016 a reception was held in her honor where Corporate Fitness Works team and SSA Windy City Workouts members congregated to celebrate her achievement.

Candace was selected for this award based on her genuine customer care, her commitment to professionalism and for being an advocate for safety and ongoing member education. Stated in one of many member testimonies, “She regularly knows of people who are dealing with an illness or injury, and not only inquires after their health, but provides exercises to improve their recovery process. Candace always has alternative exercises available when needed.” Candace’s nomination was adorned with an overwhelming response of member testimonials along with team and client endorsements. President of the Employee Association at SSA, Andrew Stevenson, fully endorsed Candace’s nomination stating, “Candace demonstrates resourcefulness by successfully anticipating the needs of members by staying abreast of industry trends, by sharing what she has learned throughout her continuing fitness education and she shows real passion.” Humbled by the support to her nomination and achievement as award winner, Candace reflects on this experience stating:

“Being recognized as the 2016 Rachel House Hudson recipient means the world to me! Occasionally, a fitness center member will go out of their way to give me praise and tell me how I’ve helped them improve the quality of their life. When I receive such praise, I smile for days! The award is that feeling times 1 million! I was able to read numerous, heartfelt nomination letters from the fitness center members and co-workers I see every day. I was showered with love and kindness and will be crying happy tears and smiling for a very long time! To receive the award means that I’m making a difference, my work is not going unnoticed, and that I’m part of a company that consistently praises its employees, encourages fun, and strives for a Team Culture that makes us feel important. I love being a part of the CFW family. As mentioned before, winning this award truly does mean the world to me. Thank you.”
– Candace Snapp

Congratulations to all of this years’ award nominees! Corporate Fitness Works considers nomination for this award a very high honor. In addition to recognizing Candace’s achievement, we commend the fellow award nominees.

Mary Lauff, a Health Fitness Specialist at Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) in Pittsburg, PA. She was nominated by DSG Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Lauren Prestia.

Joe Troubetaris, a Wellness Coordinator / Exercise Physiologist at CSX in Huntington, WV . Joe was nominated by CSX Health Fitness Program Manager, Ashley Gillies, and his Senior Account Manager, Ryan Ludwig.

Kendall Rosen, a Health Fitness Program Manager at Salus University in Elkins Park, PA. Kendall was nominated by her Group Exercise Coordinator, Lisa Madden.

Rachel House Hudson was a valued Corporate Fitness Works team member who tragically lost her life in a car accident in 2002. Nominees display the characteristics that endeared Rachel to the fitness center members and team members who knew her. Corporate Fitness Works’ recognition of team members who demonstrate these unique abilities will forever memorialize Rachel's contributions to Corporate Fitness Works and our clients.

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