Finding Motivation for At-Home Workouts

Written by: Becky McGraw, CFW Health and Fitness Program Manager

Woman exercising in front of laptop

We are creatures of habit and many thrive on daily routines. When challenged with creating a new routine, many may struggle at first to find motivation to workout at home with little to no equipment. Working out at home doesn’t have to be a drag - read on to discover how you can stay motivated to be active at home.

Prepare weekly. Take out your planner and pencil in cardio (walking, running, biking, hiking, etc.), strength training, yoga, stretching as well as your rest/recovery days on each day of the upcoming week. Consider duration and intensity for each day. Outlining your daily workouts ahead of time takes away some of the guesswork so you can start right away.

Workout plan on paper

Prepare daily. Schedule in a workout break or a couple small workout breaks throughout the day. Setting aside time for physical activity is just as important as the meetings you are attending. Leaving your workspace for at least 30 minutes to work out can reduce stress and increase your productivity. Block off time for you and stick to it!

Create your space. Dedicate a room or a section of your house for working out. Organize any equipment you may have – mats, dumbbells and resistance bands. No equipment? Body weight exercises can be very effective. Post motivational quotes on the walls for inspiration. If you enjoy yoga or meditation, choose a low traffic area and de-clutter to make a peaceful, calming space.

Dress for success. One benefit of working from home is the ability to have a very casual dress code. If you aren’t already, change into your workout clothes and lace up
your athletic shoes. Tired of the choices in your closet? Shop online for a few pieces of new workout gear to
refresh your wardrobe.

Workout clothes black and green

Invite friends and family to join you. Encourage family members within your household to workout with you. Incorporate partner exercises to help one another stay fit and be active. If you’d like to workout with family or friends who are remote, use video conferencing apps to share your workout experience.

Cue up your entertainment. Save your favorite binge-worthy show to watch while you are on the treadmill or stationary bicycle. Music can be a big motivator if you are going for a walk or run. Create a new playlist to pump you up while you are on the move. Select a new workout video in a workout format you haven’t tried before.

Find a virtual challenge. Even with in-person events not being available, many organizations are offering virtual challenges such as 5Ks. You can also create your own virtual challenges and invite your family and friends through apps such as MapMyWalk.

These weekly and daily practices can help you stay on the right track with your fitness goals while at home. Be sure to check out CFW Signature Sessions for a collection of at-home workout videos createdy and led by our motivating insutrctors. From cardio, strength, yoga, and family fitness - there's something for everyone!