The Great Corporate Fitness Reboot – Blog Series

CFW presents key topics and the unique considerations for reopening corporate fitness centers.

Written by: Elisa Denning, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Reopening after the pandemic outbreak and opening up closed businesses and removing the coronavirus lockdown as a business concept for hope and disease cure with 3D illustration elements.

It has been a long six months since the initial COVID-19 stay-at-home orders sent corporate employee’s home and closed doors to worksite fitness centers. Like many businesses, the corporate fitness industry has been working feverishly to adapt to this new normal, focusing on two key areas since March of 2020:

  1. What do we need to do to reopen our facilities and welcome people back safely, and
  2. How can we create an ongoing virtual fitness experience to keep members engaged from home?

As companies start to welcome employees back to the workplace, those responsible for onsite facilities and employee health and safety are facing challenges like never before. With some opting to reopen and others choosing to stay remote, we must be prepared to serve employee’s safely and effectively both in an onsite and virtual capacity. Our team of fitness experts has been staying on top of health and safety recommendations, fitness equipment and facility usage guidelines, as well as technology advancements necessary to engage employees in the fitness program virtually. By sharing some of our knowledge and tips, we hope to support a readiness for reopening while keeping participant health and safety top of mind.

Different from commercial fitness centers, reopening a corporate fitness facility involves several unique factors to align with corporate leadership, workplace and employee culture, as well as health and safety protocols established for the office building and employees. This blog series is dedicated to sharing key insights and the unique considerations our experts have uncovered for safely reopening corporate fitness centers and keeping employees safe, healthy, and engaged. The series will focus on the following topics:

Keep following our blog over the next several weeks as we’ll take a closer look and feature expert advice in each of these topics.

Let us help you with your customized corporate fitness reopening plan. Our team of experts can provide you with a socially distanced facility layout, incorporating traffic flow and equipment usage and cleaning guidelines, as well as recommendations for adjusting operations with facility cleaning schedules, guidance for occupancy thresholds, and ideas for programs and services to align with your company’s return to work place. Contact us for pricing and scheduling your consult for your customized reopening plan.