Ready… Action! Online fitness videos as a powerful engagement tool

Do you sit too much? Do you struggle to find time and motivation for exercise? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Most working American’s have jobs that involve prolonged sitting and site lack of time and motivation as common barriers to exercise. The associated physical and mental health conditions that arise from inactivity are a growing concern for both employees and company leaders.

At Corporate Fitness Works we help our clients and members overcome these challenges. Offering short, easy to follow fitness workouts through an online video platform is a great way to engage employees in exercise. This video from CFW fitness expert and Personal Training Manager, Bill Klitz is a perfect example.

We recently introduced Bill’s video, and several more CFW instructor led workouts on the BurnAlong platform as part of our WBENC 2019 Get Moving activity challenge. Bill’s video was a fan favorite for conference attendees, who appreciated his enthusiasm and motivation despite the inclement weather he encountered while filming.

Anyone with a BurnAlong subscription can access our videos and invite co-workers, family and friends to participate as well. Just search Corporate Fitness Works under “Gyms”. We partner with companies like BurnAlong to bring innovative solutions to our fitness management clients. Not only is it a fun and effective way to get people moving, the integration of online video classes helps us go beyond the walls of our fitness centers to build stronger workforce communities united in healthy behaviors.

We'd love to chat more about how our programs and services can help move everybody at your company. Schedule a discovery call with us today!