Moving Well In All Aspects of Life

Written by: Jenny Krause, CFW Health Fitness Specialist

Correct Posture At Desk In Office Using Fitness Ball

Do you find yourself in pain after a day of working? Are you injury prone while working out? Find yourself sore after completing daily activities? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to look into your movement patterns. The key to moving injury and pain free is to focus on your ergonomics at work, in daily activities, and while working out.

Ergonomics can be defined as a science of determining how people and things can work efficiently and safely. If you’re ready to feel better, listed below are key items to move well at work, during daily activities, and while exercising.

Many Americans spend their workday sitting in front of a computer. This can create pain and injury through bad posture and lack of movement. By taking movement breaks you allow your body to move through greater range of motion. This can also be accomplished by changing your workstation height from sitting to standing. Additional ergonomic tips include; having a chair that fits your body anthropometrics; setting your screen height at eye level with the screen an arm’s length away; preferably working on a desktop computer rather than a laptop; and keeping frequently used items in reach.

During daily activities that involve lifting objects, you want to keep the object close to your body, bend at the knees and squat down. Do not bend at the hips, and be sure to keep your back straight. When carrying objects such as a laptop bag, consider bags with two straps to evenly disperse weight across back. Keep the bag close to your body, and avoid bending to one side to compensate for the weight.

Furthermore, while exercising, stay conscious about balancing all movement patterns, strengthening muscle groups that are not used while sitting at work, and using lighter weight to perform correct technique. Moving well can be accomplished if we stay intentional through our movement patterns.

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