How Do You Stress Less?

By Leanne Bishop, Health Fitness Specialist

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Have you ever felt an overpowering sensation in your body during a chaotic, busy, or confused time? This feeling can be caused by the amount of stress your body is enduring. Stress refers to the demands of a task or feeling that exceeds your body’s ability to cope. Though there are positive types of stress that give you an extra push to complete a task, negative stress is commonly the issue to our mental and physiological health. Stress is inevitable, and for the most part unavoidable. Therefore, understanding the connection between the mind, body, and stress can significantly help manage stress while also maintaining or improving your health and well-being.

Do you experience nervousness that can result in sweaty palms, a pounding heart, or even a pit in your stomach? These are all examples of involuntary reactions from the body’s natural alarm system, the fight or flight response. As a result of ongoing challenges or stressors in everyday life, the fight or flight response sometimes gets stuck continuously working. With the switch fixed in the “on” position, stress can build for weeks or months and can eventually interfere with the ability to live and maintain a normal life. Stress has a way of slowly wearing on the body, which can lead to chronic stress and serious concerns for a healthy body.

How does someone stress less and live a happier and healthier life? Take a look at this month’s content, which will discuss new stress management techniques. Develop a peace of mind that will reward a healthy life with plenty of time for work, friends and family, relaxation, and of course, fun!

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