Enhance Your Brain Activity

Enhance Your Brain Activity

Written by: Samantha Granger, Health Fitness Specialist

The human brain is a very complex and amazing organ. Only 1.5 kilograms of soft brain tissue working at its highest leaves computers in the dust with its never-ending capacity for invention, innovation, and problem solving. If the saying “our body is a temple” is true, then the brain holds the highest rank due to its ability to generate our feelings, thoughts, and movements. The brain is essential to all of our experiences during our lifetime.

However, the brain also has its challenges. With brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and other forms of dementia, it truly shows how catastrophic a degenerating brain can be. When this collapse transpires, the mind and all of the brain’s great capabilities diminish as well. Simply knowing this should encourage us to be cautious of the most important organ in our body. In order to continue living a healthy and fulfilling life, we need to maintain or improve the quality and quantity of the brain’s efficiency. There are so many lifestyle choices that can be beneficial for the body but also valuable for the brain. Some of the factors you can improve to help aid the brain’s health include:

  1. Staying physically active
  2. Staying mentally active
  3. Eating a healthy diet
  4. Limiting stress elements
  5. Getting a good night’s rest

This month, our content writers focus on the relationship between exercise and brain health. Learn ways to help keep your brain working at its best!

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