CASE STUDY: Fitness Center Management


Transition in-house management, consolidate programming, and generate cost containment solutions for a major corporation, housing multiple on-site fitness centers in dispersed geographic locations with heavy program subsidization.


We worked closely with this client to identify goals, analyze demographics, implement feasibility studies, and develop budget projections for a cost-effective management plan. In the process we transitioned those centers with in-house management by consolidating on-site fitness programming for equitable access among employees based in geographically diverse locations. To contain costs, we established procedures to order and pay for all supplies and materials relevant to the management in accordance with approved budgets for their multiple fitness center locations. This allowed us to leverage national discounts and provide a single line itemized invoice each month. This ultimately reduced their operating and administration costs by obtaining best in industry pricing as well as eliminating the multitude of invoices that were previously being processed by accounts payable/receivable group. As a result of our partnership and management solutions, the program successfully transitioned from being heavily subsidized to nearly cost neutral.

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