Elaine's Story

We’re all about balance

Elaine’s journey started on the soccer field at Indiana State University. As a Division I athlete, she always focused on how to best fuel her performance and stamina.

“I saw, firsthand, the benefits of a sound fitness and nutrition regimen,” she said. And that’s when she realized her passion for fitness and wellness went beyond the soccer field.

So Elaine pursued an exercise science degree at Indiana State University and found Corporate Fitness Works along the way. Now, she’s fueling the performance of thousands of employees at a major transportation client.

“Many of these employees are engineers, conductors and truck drivers,” she said. “We call them ‘industrial athletes,’ though.”

Elaine is a wellness coordinator and registered dietitian for Corporate Fitness Works, which means she spends her days bettering her industrial athletes through activities like nutrition consultations, biometric screenings, health coaching, and personal training.


“Above all, I teach them balance,” she said. “We help people create healthy habits that are simple and easy to maintain for the rest of their lives.”

Elaine also enjoys what Corporate Fitness Works does for her when she’s not with her industrial athletes. “CFW provides me with educational opportunities, so I can stay up to date on the newest research and trends,” she said. And this type of continuing education comes in handy when she’s designing disease management programs, for example.

Also, “CFW values work/life balance,” she said, “which is huge because I have two little boys.” Elaine knows she can leave to care for her boys if they suddenly get sick, or take time off to go on an outdoor adventure with her family – all with the support of her CFW team members.

And though educational opportunities and work/life balance are just a few perks of working at CFW, nothing can beat the connections Elaine has made with her clients.

“I’ve always lived by: They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” she said. “This job allows me to share what I’m passionate about while providing great service each day.”