C.W.E.T. Shop Cancellation

To cancel your Fitness Center membership to the C.W.E.T. Shop please complete the online form below. Please note: For us to promptly process your cancellation it is vital that you complete each field accurately. Please answer all the questions below and then click the Submit button at the bottom of this page.

Please Note: Upon submission of this form, your membership will be terminated immediately. However, membership dues are back-billed vs. pre-billed. In most cases, this means you will see up to two more deductions upon submitting this form. Please allow up to two pay periods for deductions to cease. You are responsible for monitoring your earnings statements to verify deductions have ceased. FABOC is unable to monitor if/when actions have taken effect. Any deduction over the two pay periods required to terminate your membership will be refunded by FABOC upon request, not to exceed two (2) months of membership dues. If cancellation does not occur within two pay periods please call 301-763-3496.

Corporate Fitness Works: Move Everybody

At Corporate Fitness Works, we truly strive to Move Everybody in your organization. Our solutions in worksite fitness management and population engagement change lives while optimizing employee health and productivity. We believe the path to health and wellness is a resolute lifestyle change. This is our business, and we can customize health, fitness and recreation services for your organization’s needs. You want a return on investment and competitive advantage in your field. At Corporate Fitness Works, we’ve been in the health and fitness management business since 1988, providing organizations around the nation, just that.