Executive Team

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Leadership Team

Tony Alt

Senior Director of Management Information Systems

Julia Arguelles

Senior Director of Account Management

Elisa Denning

Senior Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Gail Fast

Senior Director of Contracts & Compliance

Dianna Imrie

Director of Team Care

Lisa Marchiani

Senior Director of Operations

Jane Ross

Senior Director of Finance

Ken Viglio

Senior Director of Business Development

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Account Management Team

Cory Christman

Senior Account Management

Renee Goldsmith

Senior Account Manager

Chris Hojdar

Senior Account Manager

Jacquelyn Lofaro

Senior Account Manager

Ryan Ludwig

Senior Account Manager

Lori Schiffer

Senior Account Manager

Michelle White

Senior Account Manager

Kendra Braun

Account Manager

Carla Rinker

Account Manager

Brittany Fischer

Account Manager

Katherine Rhoderick

Account Manager

Stanley Stiles

Account Manager

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Sheila Drohan & Brenda Loube

Our Founders & Legacy

It was 1984 at a fitness and business conference where Corporate Fitness Works founders, Sheila Drohan and Brenda Loube first met. Both had outstanding academic achievements and professional careers in community health and fitness, but they wanted more. The two shared a dream to build a company that could improve lives through innovative onsite fitness and wellness programming. By 1988, Sheila and Brenda established Corporate Fitness Works with just three fitness and wellness contracts.

Throughout the 90’s, the company grew steadily and added service capabilities to include fitness center management, wellness, facility design and equipment procurement. Establishing strong relationships, delivering quality and customized solutions, and hiring professionals that shared values of teamwork and collaboration, Corporate Fitness Works became a leading competitor in the industry. By the 2000’s, Sheila and Brenda had secured contracts with a wide range of fortune 100 corporations, government, retirement and residential communities spanning across the US.

During this growth spurt, Brenda and Sheila recognized the significance of being successful women business owners and obtained status as a Certified Women-Owned Business through the WBENC. Today, Corporate Fitness Works remains as the largest and longest standing certified women-owned business in our field.

Another key milestone in Corporate Fitness Works history is the acquisition of L&T Health and Fitness in April of 2014. A friendly competitor with similar business profile, the purchase of L&T nearly tripled the size of Corporate Fitness Works, significantly increasing the market share.

In August 2018, Corporate Fitness Works celebrated 30 years in business. With this crowning achievement came the opportunity for Sheila and Brenda to start their next chapter. They transitioned ownership to Beth and Michael Vivio who carry on a legacy of leading the health revolution through exceptional service and innovative solutions, powered by our talented fitness and wellness Team Leaders. The Vivio’s are focused on continuing the growth of our geographic footprint and driving innovation.[/mk_page_section]