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Casie Hanson

Trainer Spotlight

Casie Hanson, CFW Personal Trainer from Minnesota, has been with Corporate Fitness Works for 10 years and training for 13 years. Casie's background in athletics propelled her into earning degrees in the field of Exercise Science and Nutrition. She holds a variety of certifications, one of which includes Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA - CSCS). With a solid foundation and continued desire to learn, she uses her knowledge to help clients achieve their goals and take their fitness to the next level.

Personal Training Testimonials

The best thing I ever did was to sign up for sessions with Alex.  The workout plans that she has put together for me have been life changing.   Her workout plan has given me not only strength but so much endurance. A few months ago, I had to help with boxing up and moving two different groups of people.  I was surprisingly able to work all day lifting and carrying boxes up and down stairs and not get tired at all.  It has also helped me in other areas like cleaning, yard work, and just daily movement. I really appreciate working with Alex. She’s great, she is so patient and really works with me to make sure I understand the workout and make sure that I do it right. I recommend anyone to sign up for classes and join CFW.

- Mike L.

I work out with Bill Klitz, online, and it has been life-transforming.  Bill is fantastic!  Working around my various physical limitations, Bill has crafted a safe and well-balanced array of workouts that are engaging, enjoyable and ... most importantly ... produce RESULTS in terms of my overall strength, balance and capability to handle whatever I need to.  Workouts with Bill through CFW have become super-important to me, and I am super-appreciative!  Thank you Bill!!

-Sandra W.

Grace has been amazing to work with! She is super flexible and really takes the time to focus on what I need. I was injured and also had physical therapy going on at the same time. She worked closely with my Physical Therapist onsite to make sure that the exercises we were doing would enhance and my recovery.  I really enjoy her attitude and motivation.

-Stephen D.

I have been working with Sarah Clogan for about one year. I consider our engagement a partnership. She is very attuned to my needs and personality and pushes me just the right amount. She has helped me meet my goals of improving my upper and lower body strength, my core and improving balance and flexibility. Sarah is a caring professional who keeps me engaged and accountable. I consider personal training vital to my health and wellbeing. I am lucky to have Sarah help me on this journey.

-Lisa B.

Having a gym I can go to during the work week has meant so much to me.  All the trainers I have interacted with during classes or just needing help with equipment have been knowledgeable and friendly.  I am especially pleased with the personal training journey I am on with Jenni Davidson.  She takes time to correct my form and challenge me every week.   I'm amazed how far I have come in a little more than 5 months. 

-Michelle G.

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