COHO Fitness Center Membership Agreement

Membership in the COHO Fitness Center is available on the following terms: While using COHO facilities, all COHO members are required to behave in a manner consistent with maintaining the rights of others, the state of the facilities and the equipment, and to comply with all conduct requirements applicable to Federal employees. Any violations of these standards are subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Membership Dues: Membership dues are collected by electronic funds transfer (EFT) on a bi-weekly basis for D.O.C. Employees. For temporary employees or contractors fees are collected on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment basis. Written cancellation requests must be provided to the Fitness Center. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. Members who have prepaid dues (e.g., semi-annual, annual payment), will receive refunds, as requested above, that are prorated as a portion of the member’s dues against their unused time. Refunds will be paid effective two full pay periods following receipt of written cancellation notice. Conversely, membership cancellation for dues paid by EFT will be forwarded by the Fitness Center staff, within five business days of signed receipt, to the Department of Commerce’s payroll office for processing. It is the responsibility of the member to follow up with the appropriate payroll office personnel to ensure that their cancellation paperwork is processed in a timely manner. The Fitness Center will not be liable for the refund on the date the paperwork is forwarded to the payroll office.

Initial initiation fee paid as a condition of membership is non-refundable and must be paid again should a member wish to rejoin the Fitness Center at a later date. A member may elect to prepare the appropriate written documentation required herein, or use the Fitness Center Cancellation Request form, available in the Fitness Center.

Specialty Class Cancellation: The Fitness Center will return 100% of a member’s participation fee for a specialty class (e.g., yoga, express classes) if written consent of member’s intent to withdraw is received prior to the deadline set by the Fitness Center staff for sign up and start of the class. No refunds will be given for any reason without receipt of timely and due notice to the appropriate personnel. Cancellation Request forms are available through the Fitness Center. Members may elect to provide the appropriate written notice or use a Cancellation Request form available through the Fitness Center.

Locker Rental: Locker rental fees will be collected on an annual basis. No refunds will be given for any reason, including membership cancellation.

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